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Standing on the side of an unmade dusty road, the humid air was filled with anxiety and apprehension.

I was just 4 years old when I left India with my family as we embarked on a journey into the unknown. We came to the UK in 1970 with nothing but the clothes on our backs and the small amount of money my parents had worked hard to save. The beginning of our new adventure began in Basildon, Essex, just 15 minutes drive from where I live now. The whole family worked incredibly hard to create the future we all knew we deserved. From shops to houses, we slowly built up a successful portfolio of properties which enabled us to make smarter, larger investments and begin to live comfortably in our now familiar surroundings.

Today, I am the managing director of an award-winning care provider which employs over 1200 team members. The company, Hallmark Care Homes, is family owned and I believe the ideologies behind my own family filter through to all of our care facilities. My family and I have never forgotten our humble roots and as a result, making a difference to the lives of others has been a huge priority over the years and continues to be a main focus of mine. I am the trustee of various charitable foundations including The Care Worker’s Charity and The Hemraj Goyal Foundation, while the teams at Hallmark Care Homes are empowered to uptake on a raft of charitable initiatives – raising thousands of pounds each year.

Empowering others is my huge passion. Personal development should never be underestimated – we all have room to improve and make a positive difference to the lives of others.