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My life can be a whirlwind, and at times I forget to take a step back and reflect on what I have achieved, the people I’ve met and what my goals are. I’ll be using this blog to share my thoughts, experiences, and hopefully some updates on a successful season of my beloved Arsenal Football Club!

The Rusty Rally in aid of The Outward Bound Trust


On your mark! Get Set! Go!

This June I will be participating in The Rusty Rally in aid of The Outward Bound Trust. Follow me and my 2 team mates through our 700 mile, 7 country adventure! Over 3 days we will drive “The Italian Route” starting in Folkestone, Kent ending near the beautiful Lake Como.

To add to the excitement, all the rally participants will not be driving the latest F1 cars. No, that would be too easy. We will be driving cars worth only £500. With the 3 of us in a little car, it will be a tight fit. That reminds me, does anyone have a used car for sale?

The Outward Bound Trust

The Outward Bound Trust was founded in 1941 and is an educational charity that uses the outdoors to help develop young people from all walks of life. Since then they have worked with over 25,000 young people throughout the UK. The aim of The Rusty Rally is to raise an ambitious £50,000 for this very worthwhile cause. The entire sum will go directly towards funding a bursary scheme that enables disadvantaged young people to attend a life changing outdoor learning course that will help them think and feel differently about themselves and their lives. The courses aim to build personal, social and emotional skills at a critical time in young people’s education and transition into employment. The Outward Bound Trust believes that ‘a lack of funds should not be a barrier to boosting a young person’s confidence and self-esteem and improving their ability to work with others and to lead others’ and we agree. This is a great cause so please help us on our journey and support young people at the same time.

Please click here for full details of The Outward Bound Trust and The Rusty Rally.



Lakes, Forests and Mountain Passes

Day 1 Folkestone, Kent to Niederbronn, France

We will begin our rally with a meeting of The Rust Rally teams, were we will display our £500 automotive stallions. We will prepare for our trip early to allow extra time for our engines to warm up. No air-conditioning, no power steering, no sat nav, no problem! As long as the cassette tape player works, we’re OK. Once we are all ready to go, our engines will rev and our tires will squeal as the rally begins!

With the wind in our hair and our favourite music playing on the tape deck, we will start our first full, tiring, uncomfortable slog through France, Belgium, Luxembourg and into Germany. If our banger makes the 300 mile, 7-hour journey we hope to end at the Alsace spa town of Niederbronn. There we will feed our car an extra splash of oil, to help it through the next day.

Day 2 Niederbronn, France to Glarus Nord, Switzerland

On day 2 we will awake at the crack of dawn, ready for another 6-8 hours of driving and give our car’s engine and drivetrain a complete health check. Hopefully it will make it today. Once completed, we will meander through The Black Forest, listening to the music of our engine’s rattling. For a pit stop we will take a break next to the majestic Rhine Falls to rest our weary arms from the lack of power steering. As we continue our dive, the mountains and valley will get steep, so we’re hoping we won’t have to get out and push. At the end of our day, all the driving teams will rendezvous at the Rally HQ. There we will let our engines cool down for a much deserved rest and let our arms recover.

Day 3 Glarus Nord, Switzerland to Bergamo, Italy

Another 6-8 hour day. Hopefully our cars will be rested and fingers crossed they will still start after the gruelling journey that have been put through over the past couple of days. This day will be the most difficult for our poor, trusty steed, as it navigates the steep hills and tight, winding mountain descents of the San Bernardino Pass over the Swiss Alps. I’m hoping there’s enough brake fluid and tire tread to get us down safely! I also hope there are plenty of mountain phones in case we bake down, because as there’s no signal in the mountains, we’ll be in trouble!

After this final slog, we hope to arrive at the finish line at Bergamo next to Lake Como. We will toast with a splash of wine to celebrate our cars actually completing The Rusty Rally. Our fuel tanks will be empty, but our hearts will be full. Pour, clink, sip…aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

I would like to thank you in advance for all your help and support. We cannot do it without you!

Please click here to donate:


This is very a worthy cause and the young people who attend The Outward Bound Trust course will benefit so much from their experience.

Bye for now and we will see you on our next adventure!



Click here to watch The Rusty Rally introduction video:

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