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Following years of training I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in personal development. In my quest for continual self improvement I have met some special individuals and formed incredible relationships with people from all walks of life.

I am a founding member of the Yes! Group Essex – a non-profit self development community. The group attracts speakers of international recognition who deliver talks on subjects ranging from health and well-being to finance and relationships. The Yes! Group Essex has grown from a few local people and family and friends to a large community of monthly attendees who come from near and far to be with like-minded people and just learn something new. There have been various incredible success stories formed from the Yes! Group, with people having breakthroughs and transforming their lives. This is I why I love the diverse world of self improvement. Just one word, one act of selflessness, one piece of encouragement; can help someone turn their life around.

The power of self improvement filters through to my organisation – Hallmark Care Homes. The teams there are encouraged challenge their limiting beliefs and really make the best of themselves. This can be as simple as changing the language we use or something a little more testing – like walking over burning hot coals!